A Common Mind

A mind caught in anxiety cannot think collectively. Be it within a family, a business or a country, a mind divided in itself will create division and divisive behaviour. 

Caught in a cycle of worry about never having enough or losing what we already have and therefore clinging to things, ideas, people, careers etc. when it is time to let go, renders us utterly incapable of making wise decisions on behalf of the whole. Yet, it is possible. A solid spiritual (not religious) foundation ensures certainty and therefore wise collective thinking in a world of great unease. 

Words have great might. By listening carefully, we can discern the corruption in another’s foundation, the issues they have yet to examine within their own thinking and within their own hearts. Their conduct and conversation betrays their lack of a truly common mind.

Divisiveness in the boardroom, a marriage, friendship, or government is all rooted in fear. Courage to speak the truth whenever we encounter deceit is not only vital for our own integrity but for humanity.

As we challenge, so shall we be challenged and in that way we all grow.

The world is rotten because of silence. Don’t add to the rot when you hear and see behaviour that must be challenged. We become stronger and make a difference on behalf of the whole, one situation and one conversation at a time.

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