Accessing intuitive wisdom

Physicists know that all matter is made of vibrating molecules and atoms. Everything is in a giant cosmic dance and most of it is just 'empty' space. That includes you and me. Intuitive insight emerges from the depths of the unconscious or the 'empty' space. Leaders have not become much wiser after thousands of years in spite of significant strides in rational and scientific understanding. Most ignore intuitive insight relying solely on rational thinking. We can never break new ground with such a one dimensional approach nor develop fully as human beings.

Research involving in-depth interviews with Nobel Laureates and creative people of similar standing (Dorfler and Eden, 2011) show that no significant creative result has been achieved in any other way than by means of intuition. There are two major areas in which intuition is used: namely decision making and creative problem solving. Leaders need to do excel in both if they are to create successful companies.

We can learn to develop our connection to intuition. In order to do that we have to raise our consciousness. That means cleaning up our act. We cannot create a clear channel with the debris of unresolved childhood issues clogging the channel. This is why I always emphasise the need to seriously address your life story. We ALL have baggage. It must be faced if we are to develop and grow. After twenty years of serious inner work, I am not the same person. Accessing the wisdom of the unconscious literally changes our nervous system. We become better people as well as more intuitive and creative.

Journaling, meditation, dreams and shadow work are all excellent ways of accessing unconscious material, raising consciousness and developing intuition. That is why my coaching programmes place such a strong emphasis on these tools.   

Learning to access and trust intuition takes practice and mostly follows the same four stage process:

Saturation - immerse yourself in the subject and problem. Focus.

Incubation - leave it be. Take a rest from the problem and focus on something else. 

Illumination - a flash from the deep will come unexpectedly as an 'aha' when you least expect it. Or even in your dreams.

Testing - use your new idea, solution or inspiration by putting it to the test.

Try it out and see what happens. Play with small problems and progress from there.

No one in any position of power or influence can afford to ignore intuitive insight. Balancing the intuitive with the rational is fundamental to wise leadership and a healthy way of life.

REF: Dörfler V, Eden C (2011) Exploring the cognitive abilities of Nobel Laureates. Management Science Working Papers. Glasgow: Strathclyde University.

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