The Wild Voice

We are not machines. If we do not listen to the needs of the soul, identifying only with the intellect and the ego’s need for control, life becomes predictable and meaningless. Without space for the mystery and life-giving spice of the unconscious, there’s no sap in our bones despite large bank accounts, houses or cars. We lose our ground and our way. Life withers and we stop growing.

The mountains range of Las Alpujarras in Spain is a scene of stunning natural beauty. Not a glass office block or traffic jam in sight. I’m living here for a month to practice Spanish and plan the next phase of my hybrid life, half my time in Scotland and the other here in Spain. Drinking this vista over my coffee every morning nourishes my soul. It’s a wild voice that I heed and respond to on a regular basis. I have been coming to Andalucía and horse riding in these mountains for over a decade. I’m a city girl, born in Glasgow. There are people in these mountains who can live without the city vibe but I know in my heart that I cannot. I need both.

The call of the wild voice is not an invitation to abandon regular life within community but the draw towards a grounded life lived in-tune with the desires of the soul not the ego. This means taking the time to listen. Too many are disconnected from their true inner voice. There is a saying among Lakota Native Americans ‘when a man moves away from nature, his heart becomes hard.’ I think this is true.

There is a magnet in the heart that pulls us to the divine truth in all things and clears the false voices, the legacy of our survival patterns from childhood. It is our own inner Zion, a place of wisdom and natural freedom. How are you making the space and time to listen?

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