Wild Thing

We are a world of upturned trees. Our roots stretch to a cerebral sky as the soul withers without the soil to sustain a healthy, balanced life. And, we’re feeling it on every level not just environmentally.

The call of the wild is not an invitation to reckless hedonism but the draw towards a grounded life lived in-tune with the desires of the soul. And if roots are skyward, we will be so disconnected that we won’t even know what we really need because we can’t feel it properly.

If we do not feed the soul, we become cynical, closed and dried out. We make poorer decisions by the day because our eyes are closed to the real problem. Maybe that’s already you.

So what do you do about it? One small soulful step each day is all it takes and there are innumerable ways. For example:

  • Get out of that office at lunchtime for at least 30 minutes and breathe! No phone required. Leave it on the desk. Listen to the birds instead.
  • Put a plant on your desk to remind you to water yourself and hopefully you’ll remember to water it. If it dies, big wake up call, your roots are still in the sky.
  • Read something inspiring each day: a poem, a quote.

Sound too simple? The roots of a neglected soul can be nourished on a small seed each day. Get them out of the cerebral sky and into nourishing soil. Then you’ll begin to hear the call of the wild. You’ll know what you really need to change in your life and find the courage to do it. And, because there is sap in your veins, you won’t snap when the old branches are pruned to make way for new energies. Anicca.

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