IWD 2023 The Coronation Coin

I've spent 30 years working in male dominated, patriarchal organisations. Patriarchy strips the soul in both men and women. It is a power game where there are no real winners. Don't play the power game. Change it. All leaders have a responsibility to bring feminine wisdom to consciousness in patriarchal culture. 

Ultimately, it means leadership must include spiritual awareness if it is to touch the existential anxiety of our times. How will you play your part?

Happy international women's day.
Juliette x

The Coronation Coin
Juliette Lee

faith and truth I will bear unto you

I could piss upright with the boys
carelessly spray my scent,
play hard ball
pretend I don’t care.

I could stride the boardroom
spiky with mettle,
crush with power
all hedge-fund, no flowers.

I could wed the gilded cage
screw for money,
swell with botox
pout empty air.

I could sell out,
a queen buzzing
in a sterile hive,
no honey.
I’ll toss the five shilling coin
you left me, Granda.

Heads or tails.
It’s neither.

I choose a higher crown.

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