How to cultivate an innovative mind

Originality requires courage and space to explore the unknown.

The immediacy of much of the decision making within business leaves no space for truly original thinking. At times, any answer will do as long as everyone keeps busy and it looks as though something is being achieved. The need to have answers NOW suffocates any spark of imagination that dares to burn. A tightly closed mind cannot be creative. 

Beware the packed diary. As a poet, I know that creating space in the day for reflection and meditation is vital for igniting new ideas. Business leaders are no different. If you want to generate innovative ideas, you need to create space in your day and in your mind.

It doesn't have to be the way the corporate world looks at things.

Busyness is a choice often driven by fear of the unknown. Anxiety in empty space is normal. Ask any writer looking at a blank page. It's frightening. Even the ironing seems more appealing at times than glueing myself to the chair! 

  • Learn to sit with the discomfort of empty space and wait.
  • Focus your mind. Pay attention to your breath, let your thoughts flow by.
  • Allow your mind to open to possibility.
  • Be patient. Something new will come.
  • Experience the feeling of creativity. Follow that energy and see where it takes you. 

As you allow more space in your day and in your mind, you won't just cultivate new ideas but create profound places of transformation for you personally. 

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