Energy is attractive. We want to be and work with vibrant, alive people. Yet, often we allow our wells to run dry. Restoring energy requires strong boundaries between time for others in our busy world and creating time for daily self-renewal.

Everything is part of a whole. When we lose connection with ourselves, we automatically lose connection with others. We become more and more anxious, stress levels ramp up and our relationships suffer. We don’t listen to others – no time for that – and plough on creating waves of anarchy with our narcissistic decision making. Or completely the opposite. Being so out of touch with our own centre, we listen to everyone and our decision making is scattered and inconsistent. It’s all so exhausting and unnecessary. 

I’m currently working with one particular organisation where everyone and everything is so tight and strained you can almost hear the high pitched twang of the thin cord just about holding it all together. Fire fighting is the norm and every day is a game of survival. And all this against a backdrop of a boom in production.

High-powered, calm, clear thinking, effective people weren’t born that way. They’ve learned how to regularly centre and ground themselves, to go within when the going gets tough. Becoming and staying connected takes discipline. What is your daily reflective practice?  Here are some ideas: meditation, Tai-Chi, singing, yoga, pilates, cycling, horse riding, Qi Gong, running, journaling, writing, even golf. Basically, anything creative and/or physical which we approach with the mindset of creating space to breathe and go within. This last part is vital. We must have a mindset of renewal. As we think, so we are. If your attention and intention is focussed on gaining access to a source of refreshing energy to revitalise and raise your game in all areas of life, then you will. The more effort we put into setting things right inside, the faster they put themselves right outside.

Getting connected means taking responsibility for ourselves. It means loving ourselves enough to respect our inner needs and create time every day for self-renewal.  In breathing fresh life into every cell and thought, our newly created energy finds it expression in the world outside.

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