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Transformational retreats for leaders and their teams.

Bespoke retreats and development days

"Fulfilling work, rewarding relationships, personal power and relief from symptoms are all gifts of the soul." Thomas Moore

At the leading edge of personal transformation, my retreats take strategic off-site days to a whole new level. They explore the crucial role of our inner Self in becoming wiser, stronger and more authentic leaders. These personal shifts in awareness develop wisdom, compassion, courage and vision.

The greatest need in leadership development today is an awakening of the soul and deepening of our humanity, particularly at Board level.

An award-winning speaker for leading chief executive organisation, Vistage, I have designed and facilitated over 70 business retreats in the past ten years, challenging the hearts and minds of over 500 CEO's and MD's across the UK and beyond.

Who is it for

Business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs committed to personal growth and ready to take their work and life to the next level.

How does it work

My retreats are designed to meet the unique needs of your leadership team. There is an emphasis on making the unconscious conscious through meditation, shadow, dream work and energy psychology.

There is the option of continued development following the retreat. This consolidates learning and supports real behavioural change.


As the world’s leading chief executive organization, Vistage is the premier membership company for executive coaching and business leadership coaching. An award-winning Vistage speaker, I have been running retreats for their members since 2009.

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