Awakened Leader Program for Organisations

Realise an entirely new level of performance in your senior leadership team.

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

Margaret Mead (anthropologist)

The Awakened Leader Program for organisations is designed to elevate the performance of senior leadership teams to new heights with a positive impact on both culture and the bottom line. 

Reach even greater heights as a leadership team

Developing awareness of the unconscious drivers behind behaviour, and how it impacts communication and decision-making, is fundamental to achieving a step change in how your leadership team performs. 

Everyone wants to be seen, heard and understood. However, authentic conversations cannot take place without psychological safety and trust. The levels of vulnerability needed to create this kind of environment are often rare in senior leadership teams where the stakes are high in a struggle to achieve more and fast.

The Awakened Leader Program helps your leadership team become more aware of, and release, the unconscious blocks to more authentic relationships and communication. This creates real and lasting behavioural change and improves ways of working together and the quality of decision-making. In this way, the benefit will be felt throughout the organisation in an atmosphere of deeper trust, connection and enjoyment too.

What to expect

This bespoke program typically runs over a 3 to 6 month period and combines immersive development days with 1-1 online coaching. Unlike off-site strategic days which accomplish little in terms of real behavioural and organisational change. Each program will encompass:

Examples of issues and organisational challenges that can benefit from the Awakened Leader program:


What you will gain

Each program is tailored to your unique team and organisational challenges. However it will bring insight and learning in the following key areas:

What previous clients have said about my leadership programs

"We used Juliette extensively within our management team to better deal with the challenges faced in the high-pressure TV & Broadcast industry. Her programs allow individuals to grow, embrace their strengths and work through any perceived barriers, enabling the best version of yourself to emerge. Results are easily measured, in terms of employee engagement, loyalty, energy and creativity in the workplace. After the first year, it was easy to see the difference that Juliette's coaching was making to the way departments interacted and pulled together in order to move towards the bigger picture."

Jon Briggs, Senior Director of Services and Solutions EMEA, Grass Valley

"Gestamp Chassis Business Unit was formed as part of a global company restructure creating cultural and functional challenges in our ways of working. Juliette’s leadership programme enabled us to meet these challenges and develop our key personnel. Her unique style of interactive learning opened our minds to embrace a more collaborative approach; inspiring, challenging and encouraging each other."

Kevin Carter, Gestamp Chassis BU Manager

Grass Valley Broadcasting

Grass Valley is a manufacturer of television production and broadcasting equipment. Significant business and cultural restructuring over the past eight years led to many challenges in engagement and communication. Designed and delivered numerous leadership coaching programs encompassing 42 senior managers, directors and vice- presidents across the globe including a six month development program for the Playout Senior Leadership Team.


Gestamp is a Spanish multinational automotive engineering company. It is one of leading firms in the European automotive industry. The Chassis Business Unit was formed as part of a global company restructure creating cultural and functional challenges in their ways of working. Designed and delivered five leadership and culture change programmes from 2011 to 2015 for employees across Europe and the UK.

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