Ramp-up individual and organisational engagement and impact.

One day group seminar


Many people today work and live at such a furious pace that they aren’t listening to their real needs. They are not present. If leaders want to create an engaged workforce, they must begin by effectively managing their own energy, intention and attention. They must develop genuine presence.

Leaders orchestrate organisational energy and can motivate or demoralise others by how well they manage their energy, mindset and behaviour on a daily basis. Like the rest of the universe, human beings are essentially energy systems, not purely psychological systems. Although time is finite, the amount and quality of personal energy we have at our disposal can be changed.

This one day workshop takes a deeper look at the human energy system and explores how to actuate four sources of energy: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Who is this for

Leaders and teams who want to increase individual and organisational engagement levels.

What will you learn

How does it work

This one day workshop is experiential learning at its best with the opportunity of 1-1 coaching in the ’hot seat’ for those who want to get the most out of it.


"Fantastic, maximum marks from everybody. Clean sweep. Juliette was honest, real, vulnerable and motivating. Unlike other speakers, she was very authentic and passionate. Genuine and great delivery."
Adrian Sharp Vistage Group Chairman [Dec 2018]

"Inspiring. Loved it all - thank you, Juliette." 
"It was all brilliant and could even make it a 2 day course." 

University of Strathclyde [Dec 2018 & 2017]

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