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"If you want to be a great leader, you have to be a real human being. You must recognise the true meaning of life before you can become a great leader."



Behaviour and conversations create organisational culture from the top down. In order to transform culture, leaders need to create greater depth in their working relationships across all levels of the organisation. This is far from simple to achieve.

Everyone wants to be seen, heard and understood, and given an opportunity to grow. Deeper conversations cannot take place unless there is psychological safety, trust, honesty and respect. The levels of vulnerability needed to create this kind of environment are rarely seen within business. 

The root of all influence lies in the quality of our inner being. My leadership and culture change programmes are designed to shift negative paradigms and create more humane and progressive ways of working together. I help you and your team identify and release often unconscious emotional and mental blocks thus allowing the possibility of real and lasting behavioural change.

Insightful and challenging, my programmes get results. With over 20 years of professional coaching and personal spiritual practice, my intuitive and empathic approach has catalysed the transformation of hundreds of business leaders and professionals bringing deeper meaning and success to their professional and personal lives. 

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Who is this for

Business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs committed to personal and spiritual growth, and who are ready to take their leadership to the next level. They are courageous people who are willing to dig deep in order to grow and create fulfilling lives as well as successful businesses.

How does it work

Real transformation comes from a high level of self-awareness and a centre of consciousness rooted in soul rather than ego. My coaching programmes nurture this soul connection, accelerate personal growth, release more creativity and compassion, and firmly establish new ways of thinking, working and living.

Programmes are delivered either on a one to one basis or in cohorts of up to sixteen people using a blended approach of face-to-face and online. Typical timescales are six to twelve months.

What you will learn

The specific content of each programme is designed to meet individual client needs however they all follow a core structure:

There is an emphasis on making the unconscious conscious through 360 feedback, shadow, dream work, energy psychology and meditation.

CASE STUDY: Grass Valley

Grass Valley is a manufacturer of television production and broadcasting equipment. It was formed by the March 2014 merger of the Grass Valley with Miranda Technologies, which were both acquired by Belden in 2014 and 2012, respectively. In February 2018 owners Belden merged Grass Valley with new acquisition Snell Advanced Media. In 2020, Grass Valley was acquired by private equity firm, Black Dragon Capital.

Significant business and cultural restructure over the past eight years led to many challenges in engagement and communication. Designed and delivered numerous leadership coaching programmes encompassing 42 senior managers, directors and vice- presidents across the globe. This work is ongoing.


Gestamp, is a Spanish multinational automotive engineering company. It is one of leading firms in the European automotive industry. The Chassis Business Unit was formed as part of a global company restructure creating cultural and functional challenges in their ways of working. Designed and delivered five leadership and culture change programmes from 2011 to 2015 for employees across Europe and the UK.

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