Confidence. Your inner gold.

  • Does your confidence need to shift to a higher gear?
  • What if the best of yourself was still hidden waiting to be discovered?
  • How do you retrieve your gold, the gifts and talents that may be buried?

Our survival programming can keep us from living our true potential. These are the times when we had to play small and bury our gold. Unable to see our positive potential we devalue ourselves and lose confidence.

Robert Johnson, Jungian psychotherapist and author of Inner Gold, describes gold as “the highest value in the human psyche. It isn’t created but it does have to be discovered.”

In other words, our true nature and the gifts we are born with cannot be erased or dimmed. But we can lose touch with them. When we reclaim our gold, we enrich ourselves. We also enrich the world. 

What do you need to reclaim? What do you need to grow into now? What do you need to leave behind?

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