Fire up your leadership

Want to bring more inspirational fire to your leadership in 2024?

Inspirational leaders seek out new ideas and fresh perspectives. They go beyond the rational and conventional. Einstein was a genius at it. But you don't have to be Einstein, you just need to know how he did it.

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."
Albert Einstein

Einstein recognized that true intelligence goes beyond knowledge; it involves the ability to think creatively and imaginatively. He believed that true progress comes from the boundless realm of imagination.

His approach to science and life was deeply rooted in his ability to think outside conventional boundaries and draw inspiration from sources beyond the established norms.

He paid close attention to his dreams knowing they were the 'royal road to the unconscious'. His breakthrough on the theory of relativity came from a dream.

If you want more to be a more inspiring leader in 2024, take a leaf out of Einstein’s book and be curious about your dreams. 

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