Dreaming your Life Purpose

Our dreams help us to solve problems even discover our true selves and the path to our destiny. In doing dreamwork, we access wisdom hidden deep within the unconscious mind and can receive a sense of being 'called' and guided. In this way, we have an opportunity to consciously say 'yes' to our life purpose and surrender to it.

The path of spiritual development is not so much a journey as an alteration of personality, a transmutation of everything superficial allowing our true Self to emerge. As we progress in our development and deepen the connection with our-Self, we may discover that certain areas of our life no longer feel right and we are called to something else: a different career, lifestyle, attitude or relationships. Our true Self bears that purpose or calling however we need to listen to our inner world carefully in order to hear it and find the courage to act.

Dreams and dreamwork allow us to increase consciousness of our calling through dream images. These images are a dynamic self-portrait of our evolving psyche and challenge our assumptions of who we think we are informing the conscious mind of ignored, overlooked or denied aspects of ourselves. They are our guide over a lifetime helping us solve problems, discover gifts and talents, see the truth of others, chart the next steps in our spiritual growth and even alert us to health issues.

It may take years of deep work to stop running, reclaim our true Self and trust that the universe is working for us not against us. In my own case, it has taken a great deal of healing, particularly the feminine, in order to truly hear the message from my psyche ‘ I am an artist’ and find the courage to do something about it. I would not be who I am today had I not recorded and worked with my dreams over the past twenty years.

The only obstacle between you and your life purpose is hearing the very thing you are afraid to hear and taking that first step. Begin with recording your dreams. You will reap rewards way beyond your imagining.

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