Turning Points

Progressive organisations understand that leaders have the biggest impact on culture. In order to facilitate growth, we need inspiring leadership. We need leaders who think and act differently to the norm. Leadership skills and the leader’s way of life are entwined. In facilitating growth, it is a leader’s consciousness that matters most.

The enlightened leader understands that power comes through co-operation with natural law. The Universe truly has a perfect plan for our growth and unfolding as human beings. If you accept this principle of interdependence, then it follows for businesses, organisations and communities. No decision is ever made in isolation. Everything has consequence.

To become a more conscious leader, you must practice a discipline of silence. Meditation, yoga or prayer, if approached properly, are all disciplines in learning how to be still.

I completed my first Vipassana 10-day meditation programme in November 2012. Deep changes were immediately apparent. On returning home, I discovered that I had absolutely no desire for alcohol or meat. I have continued to practice Vipassana daily and haven’t had a notion for alcohol or meat for 425 days now. My return to Scotland last October after 20 years and all of the exciting changes in my work are further reflections of my continued growth.

Learn to be still. You cannot help but grow in humanity and therefore conscious leadership. The time has come for more naturally inspired leaders. What do you need to do to become one of them?

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