A Life on Purpose

Purpose moves people to remake themselves and the world. There is no prescription to discovering your purpose although many fast-food psychology texts offer them. Hungry seekers erroneously digesting the latest novelty are more likely to arrive at indigestion rather than enlightenment. Ancient principles provide the wisdom we need.

How do you discern your purpose? Some critical questions:

  • What is most important to you?
  • Where do you find security?

The fundamental principle of creation ‘all is one’ provides a key. Everything is interdependent. The quality of our consciousness is more potent than any theory or technique. This is what matters most.

The nucleus of your purpose is already present. In committing to your own growth, and to serving others rather externals such as wealth or status, your purpose will unfold naturally. As we ripen, our purpose in remaking the world gently reveals itself. Your unfolding meets with synchronistic events in the outer world as a direct reflection of the changes within you. And, as you continue to grow so will your purpose. There is no one answer or single version of your purpose. There are many possibilities. The greater the consciousness, the greater the purpose in supporting your family and community.

A purposeful life comes from living in harmony with spiritual values. Find people who have the courage, depth and insight to support your growth and discern your gifts and talents. Read sacred texts with an open mind, listen to diverse views, develop independent thinking and have the courage to face your shadow. Reflect regularly on what to keep and what to throw away. In the wisdom of Kenny Roger’s ‘The Gambler’ – know when to hold, fold, walk away or run.

Always be mindful of the principle ‘all is one’ occurring naturally around and within us. Work in rhythm with it. Hold out for what is real because nothing else will do. The world sorely needs people living on purpose – people like you?

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