Creative Fire

Fire in our belly is a powerful creative energy. It breaks us free of habit and holds the key to the closed doors within ourselves.

Stuck in cold concrete tramlines of linear thinking, we fail to truly create. Original ideas cannot be born until we allow the death of a previous way of seeing the world. We must allow countless mini deaths, and form ever deeper connections with ourselves and those who are capable of meeting us in those deeper places, in order to nourish the fire of creativity. Originality requires courage.

The immediacy of much of the decision making within businesses leaves no space for these mini deaths and kindling of the truly original. At times, any answer will do as long as everyone keeps frenetically busy and it looks as though something is being achieved. Those who can accept the loss of old ways of doing and seeing, and who take the time to stoke new fires will thrive. Those who grip white knuckled on the rockface of traditional thinking and try to work even harder with even fewer staff, will drop exhaustedly off the cliff.

Creative fires are fueled by symbolism and the stomach for profound enquiry. To draw meaning from nature, art, poetry, architecture, story etc. means coming face to face with deep unanswered questions for our businesses, and our own lives. The journey begins and continues, by our ability to recognise those deeper questions, sit in the ashes of our previous certainties, and fan the embers of a new world being born within ourselves.

A stone mentality driven by the need to have all the right answers, now, suffocates any spark of imagination that dares to burn. Allowing space to cultivate an imaginative, heartfelt and deeper approach to ways of working yields benefits not just for business but profound places of transformation for individuals too.

New frontiers will be found by those brave enough to recognise that the old ways of thinking no longer sustains them or their companies, and that its time to fuel the creative fires of imagination and heartfelt connection.

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