The Deep Sigh

Fulfilment is a voyage of discovery. Anyone who dares to fathom their depths, to seek the pulse of their raw humanity, is a pioneer.

We are all on the trail searching for a fulfilling life, hungry for our true Self. Sadly though few realise it, never mind consciously try to navigate their way. In an age of relative material abundance, unfulfilled lives abound. Battling with materialistic demons wrapped turban tight around our hearts and minds, so many continue to measure success by the size of a bank account and negate the priceless light of souls on fire.

We do not find fulfillment through hours of meditation, divorced from human relationships and the daily joys and trials of living. To pursue transcendental bliss is indulgence, a spiritual selfishness. I have no time for those boasting altered states of consciousness yet do nothing to alleviate the multitude of problems in our society. Many of the New Age gurus are on the wrong track leading people to a flaky, dangerous place out of touch with reality.

The way to a fulfilling life is through the heart. Living in the real world, with real people, having real relationships and risking our hearts being torn apart. This is the grist of personal development.  Descending into pain, our own and others, until finally, if we have the grit to stick with it, a breakthrough to a place of peace we have never known before. If blessed – Grace. Eyes wide with wonder, we stare out at the world anew and question how we could have missed it. Through the deep sigh of our suffering, we become a real human being.

Our fast pace modern world is a constant tug of war – pace and peace, fear and faith, external and internal. I came across a poem describing this tension beautifully.

Sanctity – by Patrick Kavanagh
To be a poet and not know the trade,
To be a lover and repel all women;
Twin ironies by which great saints are made
The agonising pincer-jaws of Heaven.

Our soul strains to breathe fresh, crisp air while our small, frightened ego self desperately continues to inhale putrid fumes. To avoid a starved life, we must feed the soul. However we cannot nourish ourselves properly unless we learn to recognise our real hunger. Often we mistake the hunger and choose the wrong foods. Work, fame, money, alcohol, sex, speed, drugs, people who do not nourish us properly – we devour them yet our hunger remains. Emotional distress and emptiness continues. To know the true hunger for our real Self is to be well on the way to a fulfilling life.

For me, coaching is ultimately about supporting the developmental journey of connecting with and living from our real Self. Regardless of whether my clients presenting issues are lack of career direction, purpose, vision, vitality, creativity or unfulfilling relationships, the underlying issue will always be found in their relationship, and often lack of relationship, with their true Self. When we are honest about our lack, we are well on the way to creating fulfilment.

There is a deep sigh within all of us.

Stop. Sit still. Listen.

In time, you will hear your true hunger, the deep sigh of your soul. Have the courage to feed the real hunger and fulfilment will be yours.

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