Culture Change

Disrupt team and organisational mindsets and breakthrough to a progressive and high performing culture.

Development days and bespoke organisational change programmes


Conversations create culture. In order to change company culture, change needs to happen in the way people speak to one another and in the depth of their relationships across all levels of an organisation. This is far from simple to achieve. Courageous conversations cannot take place unless there is psychological safety, trust, honesty and respect. The levels of vulnerability needed to create this kind of environment are rarely seen within business. My culture change programmes are designed to open people up to a more humane and progressive way of working together. They are unconventional, challenging and they get results.  

What will you learn

The specific content of each programme is designed to meet client needs. Whether its a one off development day to refresh the team or a more intensive culture change programme, frequent topics include

Who is this for

Leaders, teams and organisations experiencing cultural challenges in their ways of working due to restructuring either through merger, acquisition or rapid organic growth.

How does it work

Change programmes are delivered in a minimum of three modules over a period of three months supported with one-to-one coaching sessions. This deeper approach supports real and lasting behavioural change.

Development days are held off-site to minimise distractions.


Gestamp Chassis UK Culture Change

The Gestamp Chassis Business Unit was formed as part of a global company restructure creating cultural and functional challenges in their ways of working. Designed and delivered five leadership and culture change programmes from 2011 to 2015 for employees across Europe and the UK.


"The Gestamp Chassis Business Unit was formed as part of a global company restructure creating cultural and functional challenges in our ways of working. Juliette’s leadership programme enabled us to meet these challenges and develop our key personnel. Her unique style of interactive learning opened our minds to embrace a more collaborative approach; inspiring, challenging and encouraging each other. Some typical feedback: inspirational, fantastic experience, created the belief that training really is beneficial, provided the discipline and drive to move forward, benefit reaches far beyond today."
Kevin Potter, BU Programme Manager, Gestamp Chassis UK


"We used Juliette extensively within our management team to better deal with the challenges faced in the high-pressure TV & Broadcast industry. Her coaching programmes allow individuals to grow, embrace their strengths and work through any perceived barriers, enabling the best version of yourself to emerge. Results are easily measured, in terms of employee engagement, loyalty, energy and creativity in the workplace. After the first year, it was easy to see the difference that Juliette's coaching was making to the way departments interacted and pulled together in order to move towards the bigger picture."
Jon Briggs, Senior Director Services & Solutions EMEA, Grass Valley

“Culture change is one of the hardest things to manage. Setting up a leadership programme with Juliette was the start of that change process for us…what has been achieved is extremely beneficial to each member of my team and rich in its rewards.”
David Land, Engineering and Operations Director, Thyssenkrupp UK

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